Teaching tables software that generates worksheets and games, which are matched to the age/ability of the student. Product is for home/single use only.
Resource for homeschoolers based on a unique self teaching methodology. All books, exams, reference materials, and flash cards are included on 22 CDs.
Teach primary grade students how to tell the time using printable worksheets, flashcards, educational games and a large interactive clock.
Printable worksheets, lesson plans by subject, educational games and tools specifically for teachers of all grade levels. Message board for trading secrets, homeschooling ideas, technology questions, and anything else related to teaching.
NHL table hockey games-official game of the World Table Hockey Championships. Features include 3-D players with real NHL team uniforms/logos, 28 NHL teams available, all fully replaceable parts, goal counters and puck ejectors at each goal.
Round and oval conference tables with light oak, beech wood, or cherry finished surface, customizable modular tables, and leather upholstered executive chairs.
Corner cue stands, carrying cases, scoreboards and table covers, snooker and pool balls as well as 2 piece sliced cues.
Folding tables and stacking benches customizable by color, height, length, and width. Folding, stacking, upholstered and reception chairs available in different shell and frame colors for adults and infants alike.
Books, identification instruments, research journals and teaching aids supporting the education of gifted and talented children. Interest areas in math/science, creative teaching, thinking skills, language arts, social studies and other subjects.
Books and videos on reading, assessment tools, social skills, teaching, parenting, ADHD and staff development. Forum for teachers and parents to discuss issues related to encouraging and teaching children to read.