Independant registry of stars, where members of the public can name a star from one of the 88 constellations, with various packages to choose from which include a presentation folder, certificate of registration, and resource sheet.
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With nine different pictures in each book to choose from, such as: aliens, star ships and the crew of the Starship Enterprise. Java enabled browser is required.
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Newspaper subscription for home delivery to yourself, or as a gift to a friend.
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A public star register where users can name a star for special occasions or memorable events. Themed based giftpacks contain a personalized certificate, revolving star chart, detailed map, and exact coordinates of the chosen star.
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Star Wars, Star Trek, Beast Wars and Batman action figures and collectibles.
Name a star after a loved one for Christmas, birthday, or any occasion. Custom, deluxe, and ultimate star kits may include a personalized color parchment certificate, sky chart, frame, and wallet card. Instant printable gift certificates available.
Battery, nylon, paper and silk lanterns, five, seven and nine point star lights, and other handmade hanging star lights and unique home decor in a variety of themes, colors and designs along with light cords and complete assembly instructions.
Antiquing/collecting and art and frame magazines with articles, classifieds, celebrity corner, suppliers and Internet yellow pages.
Large selection of costumes, makeup, props, wigs and many other accessories for the professional or amateur. Clowns, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Wizard of Oz, cartoons, historical, Renaissance, Civil War Era, superheroes, Austin Powers costumes.
Hotels, cottages, caravans, apartments and villas throughout the United Kingdom. Searchable by location and star rating.