Independent American Standard wholesale distributors, customer care, and certified dealers in the USA, free brochures, comparison charts, warranty information, and technical specifications for all heating and air conditioning systems and products.
Certification, development and assessment of quality, environment, health and safety standards and management systems, training programs and other business management consultancy services for companies in Pakistan.
Various decks of playing cards with a variety of patterns including, tarot and fortune telling, and cards with standard/non-standard faces.
The Bible in text form, as well as in CD, cassette tape, MP3 and CD-ROM forms. Versions include King James, New International, New American Standard, Spanish, Catholic and New Revised Standard.
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Marketing research software that performs several statistical functions such as generating random numbers, calculating sample sizes needed for surveys, computing the mean, standard deviation, standard error and range.
Nevada based limited liability company provide futures forecasting trading systems which include S&P Messenger Pro, and Standard options with features such as animated charts, daily turning point calendar, and standard Intra-day trades.
Standard, professional, developer and commerce plans with optional add-ons. May include shopping cart with real-time credit card transactions, mailing list, FrontPage extensions, control panel, My SQL, hit stats, free domain, and more.
A popular archiving utility for Windows - one of the standard applications for "zip" compression and other common archives.
Standard and custom-built distinctive, handcrafted paddle-powered designs. Also offers extensive support for home builders. Scale replicas are a specialty.
A standard for Internet sharing. It allows multiple computers in a network to simultaneously share an Internet connection. The program also works as a firewall.