Designed for expatriates living in or looking to relocate to Singapore. Individuals may list apartments, condos and commercial properties for sale or for rent. Forum is available for discussions on politics, careers and all about life in Singapore.
Top hotels in Singapore, all at discounted rates. Amenities may include coffee makers, mini bars, hair dryers, meeting rooms, fitness facilities, sauna, tennis courts, on-site security and babysitting services.
A private, home tuition agency which connects students and tutors throughout Singapore. Students of all ages may enroll to find a tutor who meets their requirements, and tutors can register to be included in the database.
No obligation life and health insurance quotes for American expatriates and foreign nationals living in Asia.
Healthcare, CV services, job searches, tax advice, gift ordering services, expat publications, message forum, access to NEXUS magazine and other resources for UK expats seeking work, and/or living and working abroad.
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Travel services to Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar with packages that include hotel accommodation, transport to/from the hotel, tours and special holiday offers.
Singapore residential and commercial properties for rent or for sale, attractions and places to visit, festivals and sports events, real estate agents and interior design services.
Licensed asbestos removal, tank cleaning and marine thermal insulation, inventory of hazardous materials (Green Passport), asbestos, noise and vibration surveys by licensed survey teams and specialists operating in ports across Singapore and Asia.
Home tuition agency connecting parents and students with experienced and qualified private tutors for all types of tuition assignments, subjects, levels and examinations in Singapore.
Japanese roast chicken cooked using a proprietary traditional slow roasting technique, pies, soups, side dishes, salads, desserts and beverages with delivery in Singapore.