Quizzes to help identify sex addiction. The Sexual Addiction Screening Test (SAST) is designed to assist in the assessment of sexually compulsive or addictive behavior. Male, female, and gay versions. Related resources also available here.
Literature written by SAA members to help other sex addicts, tapes with recordings of past International conventions, and plastic and bronze reward medallions.
Authorized adult satellite viewing cards, packages and products for viewing hardcore, Gay Sex, Sex TV, Spice Platinum, Sex View, SCT and other European channels.
Adult personals for mature UK swingers interested in adult liaisons and sex contacts. Free swingers profiles, photo galleries, messaging, chat room and forums, adult sex shop, sex adverts, advice and swingers club listings.
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Inform on the sexual exploitation of children including: possession, manufacture and distribution of child pornography, online enticement of children for sexual acts, child prostitution, child-sex tourism and child sexual molestation.
The University of California's station, totally run by students. Shows include Soda Pop, Cuppa Joe, Sex 14s, Murky Logic, The In Crowd, Mr. Pixel and Last Will.
Responsible, safety-oriented nonfiction and fiction about all forms of consensual adult sexuality. Categories on BDSM/Kink, Better Sex, Hot Fiction and more.
Choose between the Power, Sex or Territorial Quiz. The results will give a rough indication of where you stand on these three limbic scales.
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Folded like a map books printed on single sheets of paper containing works of classic and modern fiction: classics, suspense, adventure, science-fiction, sex, comedy, crime and romance.
Search by breed, age, sex, or size to adopt a dog, find or report one that is missing. Sponsors are also needed for dogs that cannot be placed into homes.