Complete Tandem kayaks with open or closed decks, single Touring kayaks, recreational sculls, and assorted supplies.
Obtain an official boat and personal watercraft (PWC or jet skis) safety course certificate approved by state agencies and by the National Association of State Boating Law. Free practice tests available.
Inflatable boats with multiple air compartments for fishing, motoring, yacht tending, rowing, canoeing and rafting. Also find accessories and a limited number of used and repaired boats at discount prices.
Quote requests for instant marine insurance coverage for antique or classic boats, jet skis, and yachts. Customers have the option of paying insurance premiums via the web site.
All kinds of boats including canoes, duck boats, small fishing boats, life rafts, dinghies, kayaks and pedal boats. Also find a selection of outboard gas motors and canoe/personal watercraft trailers.
Dog club registration, boomerangs, tug, chew and toss toys for dogs, books for dog owners, and biscuits, cookies, cakes and other fresh-baked dog and cat food and treats made using natural ingredients, with no salt, chemicals, preservatives or animal fat.
Made-to-measure dog coats and polo neck sweaters, original Snuggle beds, fur rugs and throws, hand stitched leather collars, collapsible travel boxes, food supplements, dog figurines, jewelry, hand painted pottery and other gifts for dog owners.
Free newsletter and dog obedience training guide with step by step instructions, techniques and secrets designed to help pet owners stop and eliminate dog's obedience problems. No dog training equipment required.
Searchable repository of classic wooden boats for sale, a bookstore and videostore with selections relevant to classic wooden boating.
Standard and custom-built distinctive, handcrafted paddle-powered designs. Also offers extensive support for home builders. Scale replicas are a specialty.