To be eligible for membership, you must be employed full-time in an organization engaged in any aspect of life science research or clinical care. Earn points that can be redeemed for prizes every time you complete a survey or participate in a focus group.
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Message board with a large variety of science related topics and discussions. Astronomy and cosmology, mathematics, philosophy, theoretical physics, science book reviews, technology, and many more.
T-shirts and hoodies from brands such as Obey, Upper Playground, Tank Theory and Bombing Science, as well as a discussion forum, and graffiti supplies including markers, tips, inks, DVDs and magazines.
ESP, precognition, and PK tests, card predictor, psychic slots, random number generator, free astrological birth charts, psychic and transpersonal science forum, listings of related ebooks, and resources.
Topics, polls, stories and software related resources, details and reviews with a focus on devices, open source, technology, build, science and entertainment.
Monthly magazine about current science and technology. Popular Science has kept a tradition of informing its readers on present and future technological innovations including space travel and computers.
Targeted to the field of science in general, for the purposes of furthering the work of scientists and facilitating scientific cooperation. Membership is open to all, and includes exclusive publications, education information, seminars and more.
Archived monthly radio shows, some with visual aids such as videos, photos & slideshows. Topics include: The Microscopic World of Viruses, Forensic Archaeologist, Stress, The Brain and Heart Disease. Forum discussions such as general science & medicine.