A California non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, evaluation and placement of Australian Shepherds in need. Adoptions, lost animals, and new listings are available, and donations and volunteers are needed to help with the care of the animals.
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Emergency medical alert/alarm system with a panic button which can be worn as a bracelet or necklace, and medical alert base unit, which, when activated, calls the rescue alert response center. Suitable for seniors and vulnerable individuals.
Firefighter gear, tools and equipment, electronics, lighting, books and DVDs, medical and personal safety supplies, rescue and escape systems for rapid intervention teams, mine, water and ice rescue attempts, police, industrial and emergency departments.
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, encourages contributions to help save the lives of millions of adoptable pets. Donations provide shelter, medical care, rescue operations, tests and vaccines.
Defeat the Dragon Slayer, that aims to annihilate the dragon race. Rescue kidnapped children, restore peace to the land in order to become the Warrior Dragon
Thousands of out-of-print titles for children and nostalgic adults on virtually any subject from adventure to 'Freddy the Pig' and wildlife.
"Mountain Grown" public station for Western Colorado. Shows entitled Groove Kitchen, Emotional Rescue, Whiskey in a Jar, Urban Landscape, Car Talk and Medicine show.
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Professional emergency supplies, team search & rescue kits for schools and other organizations: first aid supplies, survival kits, sanitary supplies, food supplies, lighting, heating, shelters, tents, protective gear and more.
Farm and construction toys, trucks, airplane banks, military vehicles, search and rescue, cartoon figures and other diecast models recommended for kids and adults.
Australian snowshoes specifically constructed to be light-weight and durable with easy maneuverability. Designed especially for use by rescue teams and backcountry trekkers.