GUI tool that allows you to add JavaDoc comments to your source code easily. DocWiz--removes the tedious work of hand-formatting tags and comment structures
JBMail - quick access to POP3 mail with minimal setup. JB-Dialer - DTMF (touch tone) speed dial with phone book. MakeTXT - removes non-ASCII characters from a file and fixes line ends to meet the standard PC format.
Plant derived jewelry cleaner for diamonds, pearls and colored stones, and polishing cream that removes tarnish from platinum, gold, silver and titanium. Choose from kits or individual items as well as refills and cleaning cloths.
Whole house drinking water systems and undersink/ice maker replacement filters and cartridges for removing dirt, rust and odors from the water. Provides cross reference information and spec sheets.
Identifies duplicates, corrects inaccurate email addresses, removes unwanted characters from text columns, converts entire columns to upper, lower or proper case and identifies missing data. Compatible with excel, access and delimited text files.
Sure Delete features utilities to permanently remove data from hard drives to ensure the deletion of sensitive information. My Little Spy records files of everything entered from the keyboard including email, chat and messengers.
Creams, pills, and lotions to prevent hair loss, boost libido, remove wrinkles, reduce cholesterol and weight gain, help smokers quit and bring relief for PMS, menopause, arthritis and prostate sufferers.
Pure natural collagen in capsule form, with no known side effects. Product is said to enhance the skin, hair, teeth and bones, reduce joint pain, remove toxins from the body, and improve elasticity in the skin. Complies with FDA and EU regulations.
Free consultation for credit repair and restoration services. Focuses on helping clients improve fico scores by checking for mistakes and removing false negatives.
Strips attachments, sends multiple emails as individual messages, and removes duplicate contacts, emails, appointments and tasks from Microsoft's Outlook Express email program.