Various self help and personal development audio CD's, cassettes, and e-books on such topics as self confidence, hypnobirthing, panic prevention, depression, and more. Also with a 'Clear Thinking' psychology for success, health and happiness newsletter.
Assessment test determines the level to start your interactive study of German or Spanish. Designed so that each lesson incorporates previous knowledge the studies range from beginner to intermediate. Test and trial lesson are free.
Questions used on the prep test are taken from the actual US Federal Aviation Administration question banks. Take the Private Pilot-Airplane/Glider or The Instrument Rating exam. Option to select the number of questions you would like to answer.
Join this writing club from the 'police' perspective. Gain knowledge, networking tips, and publication info upon membership.
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Test your knowledge of the 50 states with these individual 10 question quizzes. All answers can be found somewhere on Netstate.
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The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Dispatcher Knowledge Test Preparation can be taken here for no charge or obligation. Tests are divided into categories which include: Weather, Regulations, Aeronautical Information Manual and more.
Live streaming of rap, rock and jazz by various artists along with an opportunity for amateur and professional people with hidden talents to increase their knowledge of radio broadcasting.
Test your vocabulary knowledge in areas such as animals, adjectives, the human body, business, basic words, computers and more. Choose your native tongue, then choose the language you wish to be tested with.
Find out how susceptible you might be to being deceived by the false doctrines, how clear is your understanding of Protestant theology, or test your knowledge of the weird and wacky statements and actions of televangelists and Third Wave teachers.
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Test your knowledge on the driving laws in New Jersey. Take the test as many times as you like - each one will be different.