A varitey of tests such as: the enneagram, color, Keirsey, temperament and maykorner, a personality profile, and more.
A collection of free, professionally developed tests that help users discover personality type, individual personality traits and career alternatives.
A set of questions designed for individuals to discover their personality, with test results giving a description of the personality, as well as listing strengths, weaknesses, and suitable jobs.
Find your Star Wars twin; take the big 5 personality test (also available in Spanish). Try a psychology test to find out how well you deal with personal emotions - or discover your "need-for-uniqueness" level.
Career and personality tests, combined and interpretative reports, high school and college student profiles, leadership and entrepreneur packages designed for career and personal development and to increase job effectiveness and improve work performance.
Selection of personality tests using colors, horoscopes, profiles, shapes, inner traits, food, animal symbolism, and relational psychology.
Psychological tests on personality, intelligence, career, health and relationships. Trivia quizzes, newsletters, live chat, free psychological counseling, and articles on mental and women's health.
Find out why you're not happy with life by taking this Personality Test and receiving an evaluation free of charge.
This Color Quiz tests your personality by having you choose in descending order what particular colors you like. This test is partially based on research to the study of how color affects behavior.
A self-administered questionnaire designed to help discover your personality type. A multiple-choice instrument with 145 paired statements. Discuss results on the message board. A full version is also available for a fee.