Electronic mail client, used by millions since released in 1990. Extremely powerful and rich in features, yet small and fast. Another product featured here is Mercury Mail Transport System, a mail server.
Secure email with POP3 and Web access enhanced by OpenPGP 2048-bit encryption for corporate or office use. Includes full control of mail server, domain name and company mail accounts. Free one month trial with 10 mailboxes.
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Delivers email to announcement lists, discussion groups and listservs for those who require a mailing list. Emails bypass spam filters, contain no ads, requests approval of new subscribers, scans attachments and allows messages to be sent at any time.
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Instant setup for an anonymous offshore private mailing address in New Zealand, that will automatically forward mail to anywhere in the world.
Web-based email accounts with various different address extensions such as profession, cities, places and interests. There is a stringent anti-spam policy and extra mailbox space and email forwarding is available for a fee.
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Full color postcard and brochure printing, direct mail marketing, business cards, pocket folders, posters, CD jackets, letterheads and envelopes. Minimum quantities apply.
Mail forwarding services for businesses that wish to create a US presence, individuals living abroad, and for people needing a US address to purchase items where the seller will not ship outside the USA. Repackaging and custom accounts available.
Handwriting capture device that can be used on any type of paper. Package includes an electronic pen, base unit, blue ink cartridge, quick start guide, memo pad holder and 1.5 volt batteries. Additional refills, pens and batteries are available.
SMTP mail accounts with 1000 to 5000 messages per month and 100 to 500 Mb total size. Includes virus scanning of sent mail, up to 50 MB file attachments, usage controls and detailed logging and ability to automatically duplicate outgoing mail as a backup.
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Print United States Postal Service approved postage stamps, addresses on envelopes and sheets of mailing labels. Use stamps for packages, invoices, express mail, postcards and more. Software required.