A large selection of over 100 British and continental cheeses, as well as wines, chutneys, olives and oils, biscuits, pasta, bread and dairy products.
Pasta fundraising programs for schools, sports teams, cheerleading, dance, musical, youth and church groups, clubs, non-profit and professional organizations of all sizes across the USA.
Blues, cows, sheep, goat, truffle and other types of cheeses, a selection of California wines, champagnes, assorted gift baskets, truffle condiments, balsamic vinegars and gourmet desserts.
Different types of hand-made and hand selected cheese from around the world.
High quality, imported gourmet products including imported cheese from England, France and Italy; fresh fruit preserves, teas and coffees, handmade pastas and more. Gourmet gift baskets, seafoods and 'of the month' clubs are also available.
Broad collection of French delicacies including fois gras, pate, duck, sausage, game bird, sauces, cheeses, escargot, truffles and desserts, along with candies, beverages, condiments, pasta, seasonings and other groceries.
Italian grocery store with antipasto, cheese, coffee and tea, confections, meat and fish, oil, olives, pasta and rice along with salad dressings, spices, tomato products and frozen foods.
In the Bergamo area of Italy, serving local and national traditional cuisine specialties. Menu of hors d'oeuvre's, pasta and rice, fish, meat, all in one, cheese, desserts, gourmet, Lombardy and more. Reservations are asked to be made 3-4 days in advance.
Delivers fresh Italian foods, wines, bread and biscuits, baby food, drinks, cheeses and dairy products, pasta and rice, sliced and whole hams, oils and dressings, fish, personal care products, and other grocery items.
Gifts and specialties from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. Selections include peanuts, apple butter, sliced ham, biscuit mix, lemon nut loafs, gift baskets, cheese balls, cherry tarts, chocolate lace, pound cake, cheese straws, coffee and cookbooks.