From Nashville, Tennesse, the station claims to be one of the South's longest running radio talk shows. Topics discussed with computer industry representatives include: multimedia boards, eliminate spam, DVD burners, processors, databases and hardware.
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National radio talk show that covers guns, shooting, and the issues involving firearms. Join other gun enthusiasts on the message board, listen to live shows every Sunday or browse the archives which are available anytime.
Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) provider specializing in accelerated PALS courses for health and medical practitioners who may be involved in critical situations.
Advanced cardiac life support (ACLS), pediatric advanced life support (PALS) and basic life support (BLS) certification and recertification courses. Automated teaching, testing and delivery, study materials and exams designed by certified physicians.
Weekday schedule includes an entertaining mix of news, sports, talk shows, local updates and interesting topics about the people of Brisbane and the world. During the weekend, listen to fish talk, garage sales, movies, videos and consumer affairs.
Local, national and international news and talk shows, including: BBC Newshour, Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation, Marketplace and The World. Topics range from up to the minute political and current affairs to life on other planets and science.
Mixture of talk and music radio featuring bands such as Queensryche and REM, as well as local talent. Talk ranges from Sunday Bible studies to how to be a good citizen.
Chicago's entertaining live and previously aired talk radio, with eclectic news, humor stories and music shows.
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Streaming or downloadable archived programs on many different topics, such as the the latest news, school discussions, health talk and other issues from WHMI radio in Howell, Michigan.
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Baltimore, Maryland's AM radio news, weather, sports and thought-provoking discussions. Schedule includes sportsline, Rush Limbaugh, financial hour, money talk and computer shows.
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