Surfing related topics such as travel tips, information, stories, surf spots, lessons, items for sale and general chat for beginners and experts.
Beachfront vacation inns with views of the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln City and Depoe Bay, Oregon. Amenities include full kitchens, jacuzzi, in house spa, continental breakfast, remote-controlled color TV, elevator and meeting facilities.
Downloadable patient forms, newsletter, before and after photo gallery, general and cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments performed at Pacific Dental Care offices in Seattle, Issaquah and Renton, Washington, USA.
Aims pure sine wave and modified sine wave inverters ranging from 25 Watts to 5000 Watts, all with the new exclusive NEPT (New Equipment Protection Technology) design.
Athearn, Proto 2000, Kato and Spectrum train models inlcuding Union Pacific, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and more.
Password 2000, a program for keeping track of passwords, and MP3 Wave Maker, an application that allows MP3 to wav conversion. Both programs are ZDNet Editor's picks.
Wave Splitter extracts samples from 16-bit .wav files. MessageBox is a 32-bit command line utility that creates batch scripts that launch dialog boxes, expecting an answer froim the user (Yes/No, OK/Cancel, Yes/No/Cancel )
Places the player an alien world with the role of a leader of a small tribe. The purpose is to lead its people in achieving a set of objectives. Plan the economy, research sciences, trade, negotiate, send spies, feud. Chat with other players.
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Rock, pop, new wave and dance hits from the 1980's. Sounds from such artists as Gary Numan, Bonnie Tyler, Sade, Pat Benatar, Van Halen and Duran Duran. With weekly countdown shows, syndicated music news, and live requests.
Ecclectic music and engaging talk programming including shows that feature Punk, Garage, Mod, Beat, Riot Grrl, New Wave, Melodic and Lyrical Rock, Experimental and Down Tempo music.