Standard, battery powered and PC-based time clocks, time stamp/date machines, time cards, and wall racks.
Popular supplier of time/attendance systems for small businesses. Includes automated (PC-based) systems, mechanical and electronic time clocks, date/time stamps and automated shift indoor/outdoor signaling systems.
Use the future event planner to calculate any given time between two chosen areas of the world. Get correct and current time for specific areas by choosing countries, major cities, or with a keyword search.
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Side print, clipper style, cross shift, hand punch and PC based time clocks, as well as accessories such as signal devices, time cards, badges, ink ribbons, ID card printers, perforators, check signers and embossers.
Worldwide clock. Very useful when planning a vacation or making a phone call to a different country. Printable reference card for use away from the computer. Look up time zone by country.
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Calculators to help ease the difficulty of figuring the details with time spans between places and dates. Many useful tools for dealing with people placed all around the world, including a meeting planner.
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PC-based badge systems, electronic punch clocks, watchman's clocks, and time/date/number stamps. Most products designed for small to mid-sized businesses (up to 250 employees).
Community of Optimal Thinkers with chat rooms, message boards, and a mailing list to discuss optimization of the mind and body, as well as relationship and other issues, with those who have similar needs.
EZ Breathe basement dehumidifiers, crawlspace conditioners, garage and home ventilation systems designed to improve air quality and remove moisture, allergens, dust, odors and other harmful indoor pollutants and contaminants.
Equipment, accessories, and supplies for PC-based time/attendance systems, electronic and mechanical time clocks, and date/time stamps. Includes time cards, equipment maintenance supplies, parts, and card racks.