Diamonds, earrings, bracelets and rings; fine china, stemware and flatware; furniture, flooring and wall decor, framed artwork by various artists, gifts, collectibles and table accessories.
Personal audio shows created by Simon Jones, such as a trip from Manchester to New York, spending time in Copley Square and an evening in a Boston bar.
Located in:
Kansas City station featuring Motown, the Beach Boys, Neil Diamond, Paul Simon, The Roling Stones and the Beatles.
Designed to meet the needs of the Yiddish speaking community in Boston, USA. Live radio show on Wednesdays with a range of pre-recorded interviews and speeches, speakers include: Rabbi Simon Jacobson, Aaron Lansky and Miriam Libenson.
Write your film or TV script automatically with the Hollywood and SideBySide software. Used for Hollywood screenwriting, multicolumn scripting, speeches, multimedia presentations and TV commercials, documentaries and more.
Creator of Santorin Records, this is Drum 'n' Bass music that relies heavily on computers. Tracks include: Treasure Island, Fruity, Walking and Year 3000. With the Music & Discography section containing a large selection of full-length recordings.
Trodat self-inking printy, Kwik stamp plus self-inking stamp, traditional wood handle rubber stamp, metal type-band die-plate dater, heavy duty custom self-inking dater, and metal frame self-inkers. Variety of fonts and sizes for designing stamps.
Several downloadable shareware games, and free web-based personality tests, puzzles, and word, action, board and logical games such as Hangman, Crosswords, Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe, Chinese Checkers, Mastermind, and Simon Says.
Single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, industrial properties, tracts of land, and pet friendly homes for sale and for rent, located on St. Simons Island in Georgia.
Full line of security access cards, software, card readers and printers, ribbons, visitor management and cleaning supplies, lanyards, luggage tags, custom photo ID and PVC cards, laminating supplies, PC logon units, and Simons-Voss wireless lock systems.