A collection of MS Access Wizard tools designed to increase developers' productivity: Excel Graphs, ready-to-use VBA code, renaming wizard, Easy Output Queries, automation queries.
JBMail - quick access to POP3 mail with minimal setup. JB-Dialer - DTMF (touch tone) speed dial with phone book. MakeTXT - removes non-ASCII characters from a file and fixes line ends to meet the standard PC format.
Metalcutting tools and industrial supplies: end mills, drills, rotary files, saws, abrasives, cylinders, carbide boring bars, angle/dovetail/thin disk/T-slot cutters.
Provides web-based tools, mostly developped in ASP/VBScript, some of them in source code format. The products include: web based administration tools for an SQL Server version, an MS Access version and a .wsc component for ASP pages
Website design, e-commerce solutions and custom Internet application development, along with pure Java database engines and driver packages for MS Access, MS Excel, Corel Paradox, Text, CSV, and Xbase programs.
Provider of Internet security technology, a broad range of content and security software and appliance solutions to individuals and enterprises. Virus protection, firewall, intrusion prevention, Internet and email filtering, and remote management tools.
UnixDos Toolkit makes the full power of all the 64 main UNIX utilities available under Windows/MS-DOS Environment. StockTax processes thousands of Stock Trading and calculates the exact Profit/Loss. BSort sorts any binary data or text file.
Database design and implementation articles, tips, tricks, code samples, Access FAQ's, Access help, and free downloadable database and data model examples.
Videos which show pipe bending equipment including tube bending machinery, bead rollers, square tubing, and hydraulic pipe benders.
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Linear gate or garage door opener receivers, circuit boards, keyless entry keypads, proximity readers, wireless XTended range receivers, telephone entry systems, door access controls, emergency reporting systems, and other security products for the home.