Medical teaching aids for medical professionals, nurses, and science departments in secondary and tertiary schools. Also specializes in human physiology, biology, arts and crafts, theatre books, and technology.
Seminar training for leadership, project management, business writing, customer service, administrative professionals, information technology, and other educational topics that take place in various cities throughout Canada. Free newsletter and podcasts.
Tickets to rock, pop, jazz, classical and world music concerts, dance productions, debates, literature and visual art exhibitions, theatre, festivals and other cultural projects and events in Southbank Centre complex located in London, England.
Fillings, dental implants, root canals, teeth whitening, sleep dentistry, cleaning, invisalign, and other cosmetic and general restoration services at the Markham Gate Dental Centre located in Markham, Ontario. Free consultation.
Inbound and outbound call centre services, brand surveys, social media, telemarketing and digital marketing campaigns for businesses across various industries in Australia. Free telemarketing trial.
Media company focused on developing entertainment and educational content. Offers to download and buy award winning business strategy and educational games. Titles include: Gazillionaire, Profitania, Zapitalism
Educational cards, books, stickers, puzzles and games, manipulatives, art resources, stationery, classroom decorations, and other educational materials, parent and teacher supplies. Free catalog and classroom ideas for newsletter subscribers.
Family oriented adventure, educational and multi-player games mainly for children.
Practice tests which are designed to prepare children ages 9 to 12 for entrance exams to Grammar School. Also includes sample papers for tutors, as well as a selection of stimulating games such as Concentration, Peg, Maze and TicTac.
Educational toys, books, games, fidget toys, printables, virtual activities, trains and vehicles, arts and crafts, construction toys, fashion and accessories, collectibles, musical toys, outdoor and active play.