Targeted website traffic, search engine positioning, email marketing and opt-in email campaigns, lead generation services, bulk friendly POP3 email accounts and business hosting plans. Bulk email marketing and email list management software.
Send and receive emails from each computer on your LAN with this 100% Java program. Include: unlimited email I.D.'s with one internet account, works with all popular emails clients, block spam mails and autorespond feature.
Extracts email addresses from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Eudora email folders as well as from Word, Excel and Adobe PDF documents. Allows filtering, WAB export, backup and restore.
Marketing solutions company located in Melbourne, Australia, with services which include Internet marketing strategies, e-business evaluation, email marketing using list building and promotions, and anti-Spam legislation advice.
Hosted, web-based solution that creates, manages and transmits subscription, direct, viral and permission email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Features pre-defined templates, custom tailored packages, advanced tracking and data management.
Remote access and control software that enables people to connect to their home or office computers with any other computer device and an internet connection. Fax broadcasting and voice mail software for fax, email, and voice messaging is also available.
A selection of printer drivers including monochrome, color, PDF, print to email drivers. Fax broadcasting or email to fax broadcasting, fax server to store, forward, move, and delete all messages. Voice mail server - handles voice messages.
Send and receive faxes, FTP client, email broadcaster to thousands of newsgroups and organizations, web site, email and FTP monitoring tool as well as other system and Internet utilities.
Business communication, fax, wireless and e-document processing solutions. Zetafax network fax software available for third party integrations and Zetadocs software delivers large batches of accounts documents by email and fax in a single mouse click.
Communications software for home and office professionals, such as: FaxWorks, CallWorks and PhoneWorks. Redirect calls and faxes if you are away, send faxes from any Windows application and listen to emails from any phone.