Each lesson includes a conversational dialogue, a translation of the conversation, vocabulary used within the conversation, grammar points, and cultural issues. In addition to the language being taught, also offered are math problems in Japanese.
Japanese to English or English to Japanese translation services by professional Japanese translators based in Toyko, Japan. Free, no obligation price quote.
Classic Japanese omakase and sushi are specialties. The menu is presented in PDF format to preserve the Japanese characters.
The sushi bar is at the center of this Japanese restaurant, and where you will find such dishes as sushi, sashimi and some of the more exotic dishes being prepared. Open Monday through Saturday.
Many resources for Japanese-style comic art (manga) including how-to books and magazines, galleries, message board and general tutorials on how to draw figures, clothing, specific characters and anime style hair.
Introduction service, with an eye toward marriage, between Western men and Japanese women. Profiles are sent to both men and women with the option to request contact information.
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian language learning materials (textbooks, reference books, bilingual, children books ) as well as books about Asian art, history, literature, culture, and Chinese traditional medicine.
Study guides for English speakers learning a foreign language (French, German, Latin, Italian, Russian, Japanese); French novels, plays, poetry on cassette and travel guides to England or France.
Unique range of ceramics, contemporary and antique pieces, such as: bowls, plates, cups and vases, created by such Japanese artists as Yasuhisa, Michio, Hiroshi and Sanzaemon.