Books, audio cassettes & ready-to-use resources for teachers & youth workers only. Titles included in the Breakthrough series are: Temper & Tantrum Tamers, Coping Skills Sampler & Turn On the Turned-Off Student. With free magazine, samples and Live Help.
Backgammon, Battleship, checkers, chess, Connect Four, Lost Cities, Reversi, Tablut, and many other board games. Users can also join or watch ongoing tournaments.
Situated in the wooded heights in Avallon, France and serves meals on its riverside terrasse, with its canal flowing directly underneath and the splendid sight of the paddle-wheel turning. Menu available.
30 mb free space to create public albums and share photos with family. Photos may be ordered as prints or turned into mousepads, calendars, greeting cards, t-shirts, key rings and photo CDs.
Free newsletter contains simple tips and timely advice turn the reader from a clutterbug into an organizer.
New concept in games: turn-based, view games in progress and chat. Over 30 different board games and variations, including chess, backgammon, checkers, battleboats, Pente, Go and Stack4.
Very clever how this site unfolds layer upon layer of interactive graphics, and pages of humor with a slightly mischievous turn.
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Specialized in turn based strategy games and especially in the game of Go. Download free 9x9 go player and tutorial of 'The Many Faces of Go', the 1998 US computer Go champion, or buy the full version CD-ROM
Move around in a tiled world and fight in a simple turn based fight against one enemy at a time. Play the role of a young hero who quests to avenge his family's death and gets caught up in more than he bargained for.
Ace of WAV, a sound editor that turns a PC into a sampler. MIDInight Express, software wavetable midi player. Mellosoftron, sound editor and synthesizer. GSound 22, CD+ quality, all-digital MIDI to WAV renderin, and Virtual Sampler Library, a sound engine