Free horse tips from American Horse Rider magazine, along with advice on horses and horse training.
Instructional video series covering many aspects of training such as owning your first horse, rider skills, basic maneuvers, bit & bitting, collection and flying lead change.
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Horse themed gifts for the equestrian and horse enthusiast. T-shirts, book ends, coat hooks and key holders, jewelry, art prints, books, bumper stickers, night lights, barn signs, birthday cards and a selection of gifts just for children.
Limited edition art prints, sketches, drawings, posters and photos of wild, racing, gray and white horses, equestrian photography for specific horse breeds, Western artworks, landscapes, cowboys and cowgirls by various artists.
Virtual horse racing game where players create a ranch, buy buildings, land and tools, manufacture tack, raise, breed, feed, train and sell virtual horses and enter shows and racing events. Free community discussion forum and chat.
Equestrian enthusiast site displaying beautiful still photos of horses and a few animated pictures of other animals as well. Greetings can be sent with or without music.
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Dedicated to horsemen and farmers, features a wide variety of articles covering horses and farming issues.
Books and videos providing educational material on riding, training, care, health and management of all breeds of horses.
Hard-to-find instructional books, videos and software about dogs and horses. Everything from English and western riding, dressage and feeding, to training, conditioning and veterinary care.
Everything from horse stalls, harrows, wagons and stall mats to feeders, waterers, fencing and manure spreaders. Bridle and saddle racks, cross ties, arena rippers and much more.