Designed for kids who want to make their own special thrilling ride and for educators who want to use the activity to demonstrate the application of physics.
Twenty five minute amusement park simulation demo, located in parks such as Alton Towers. Create a carousel, haunted house and roller coasters. Also add other little extras for the park, fix rides, hire employees and more. Multi-lingual version available.
Purchase complete sets or individual parts such as wheels, rods, panels, motors and gears. Each set is designed to create a specific model such as racing vehicles, space strongholds, roller coasters and buildings.
Create monsters, roller coasters, vehicles and houses with interlocking K'Nex construction blocks that can also be used with Lego.
3D browser where one can create human and not so human avatars, chat with friends, explore over 80 worlds in real time, purchase land to build on, play games, ride roller coasters, have parties and customize your virtual reality home.
Stickers for return addresses, teacher praise, sports cheering, birthdays or Christmas packages, each with a personalized name and cartoon graphic representing penguins, roller coasters, footballs, teddy bears, basset hounds and several other images.
Custom, full-color wedding, beer, wine and drink coasters in various shapes and sizes, personalized with customer's logo, picture or artwork, as well as blank coasters in different sizes and thicknesses for scrapbooking projects.
Custom coasters made from glass, pulp board, sandstone and bamboo, glass ornaments, party favors, toasting flutes, wine and shot glasses in various shapes, sizes, themes and designs personalized with custom photos, laser engraving and monogramming.
Complete line of ice and roller hockey equipment and supplies including helmets, skates, elbow pads, gloves and sticks.
New and used figure skating equipment, as well as ice and roller hockey supplies from a variety of manufacturers. Includes skates, bags, blades, sticks and goalie equipment.