Software programs designed to find and delete duplicate files over home and corporate networks, print directory structures, and customize and edit files lists before printing. Free Muslims prayer call, English-Hindi dictionary and keyboard tracer.
Civil Netizen software for Windows and Mac, used to help transfer files through a drag and drop interface. Program can handle files up to 4 GB in size and is secure for both the sender and receiver.
Free communication software suite that includes: instant messaging, chat, email, a powerful file sharing system with a search engine. Very strong privacy protection.
Hyena is designed to both simplify and centralize the management tasks for medium to large Windows NT or Windows 2000 networks. General network administration, disk, printer and file management. A suite of other system and networking tools.
Produces file utilities (viewer, manager, splitter, directory printer), link extractor, speedy offline browser, a visual search robot with support for 12 search engines, large scale web spidering robot, ideal for for bulk website download.
'Quick Notes Plus' is a management tool used to create sticky notes on desktops and memoboards. 'Piky Basket' makes copying, pasting, dragging and dropping of files, easier and faster.
Mosaic Creator - professional photomosaic and thumbnail tool. Stereogram Explorer - design software for creating hidden 3D graphics. Deductus - disk catalog/organizer and personal full-text search engine. Secure Memo - stores encrypted plain text files.
INF-Tool - small setup program generator. Resource-Grabber - retrieve button images, icons, and sound files from the programs on the local computer or the Internet. Database Manager - maintains and manages dBase/FoxPro tables.
Global communication tool with AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ, email, video and voice chat, multiplayer games, Web browser, MP3 player and file sharing.
Intranet real-time chat client, file comparing editor, and registry console tool software downloads, as well as a directory of system, security, Internet, multimedia and productivity related tools and troubleshooting guides.