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Intro, e-commerce, animated, HTML, and budget Flash website templates categorized by theme.
Kits, plans and manuals for rowing and sailing boats, kayaks and canoes. Epoxy, brushes and rollers, glass fabric tape, mixing sticks and vinyl gloves for hand protection also available.
Dermalogica cleansers, exfoliant creams, hydrating and cooling masques, moisturizers, firming and soothing boosters, sun protection and sun tanning products, skin care kits, deodorants, hand and nail treatment, shampoos and conditioners.
CDs, DVDs, optical mice, and USB pen style and flash drives in different shapes and packaging options, along with gift sets, lanyards and accessories custom imprinted and engraved with personalized logos and artwork.
Chemistry, electronic, robot and astronomy kits, crystal growing and magic kits, dinosaur models, pollution testing kits and assorted experimental kits for younger children.
Ovulation kits, dental dams, enhancing cremes, lubricants, and pregnancy test kits, along with Trojan, Durex, Trustex, Vivid, Kimono, Beyond Seven and other brands of condoms in colored, non latex, flavored, textured, non lubricated and other styles.
Distributes high quality replica boat and ship kits from a variety of producers. The specialty is historic wooden ships. Also offers a selection of books, tools, and supplies.
Radio control, control line and ARF model aircrafts, along with free flight, plastic and diecast models, sailplane kits and accessories.
Hardware, plans and complete model boat kits. Chesapeake Bay Buy Boat, Smith Island Crabbing Boat, Gunning Skiff, Chesapeake Bay Bugeye, Hooper Island Draketail, Box Stern Workboat, Chesapeake Bay Log Canoe, and The Skipjack.