Translation service for email, text and web pages or use the specialized dictionaries to translate topical texts.
NoteTab - text editor for programmers, HTML authors. Features: spell checker and thesaurus, format text quickly, font choice, html support. NoteView - create thumbnails of pictures in a folder from/to various file types.
A company specializing in text-editing/programming software for users around the world. Junior and professional products available which is customized to suit individual needs.
For the translation of web pages and/or text. Human translation service is available, for a minimum fee.
Large selection of fonts and textures to assist in creating text, logos and buttons to use on any web site.
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Converts images into HTML, ASCII, or Matrix from digital photos.
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Use NoteTab to easily build document templates, perform global search and replacements, correct spelling mistakes, add bookmarks, convert text to HTML and more.
Translates web page and text in English, French, Spanish, German languages with special characters option.
A powerful replacement for Notepad. Features include a 13-language spelling checker, syntax highlighting, macros, workspaces, WordStar, Brief and MS editor emulations. Can be used to edit plain text files, including HTML, Java, C, Fortran, LaTeX.
Fully-featured text editor for programmers, writers, engineers and students. Features include color syntax highlighting and printing, column blocking, undo and redo, regular expression searches, and more.