The Findhorn Foundation accepts contributions toward the Bursary Fund, the Universal Hall restoration project, and to the general fund that helps to create a positive and sustainable future for humanity and the planet.
Basement lowering and walkouts, foundation repair systems, waterproofing, anchors, piers and other customized foundation repair solutions for commercial, residential, industrial and civil projects throughout southern Ontario, Canada. Free estimates.
The foundation mission is to provide for the enrichment of the quality of life in the Comox Valley by attracting, developing and managing permanent endowment funds. All donations are pooled in a perpetual endowment fund, which earns income.
The Foundation helps provide new and refurbished musical instruments to underfunded schools, community programs and individual students in need.
Tax-deductible contributions to the Lupus Foundation will go toward research needed to find a cure. Accepts one-time personal or corporate gifts, as well as in memorial, honorary or celebratory donations.
Donations enable the Foundation to continue its mission in improving diagnosis and treatment of primary immune deficiency diseases via education and research, and the programs run to address the challenges faced by those living with the condition.
English language, pre-university preparation programmes and foundation courses in Dublin, Ireland preparing international students for entry to degree courses at leading universities across the UK and Ireland.
Charity car donation program helping kidney patients in Utah and Idaho, USA. Proceeds are given to National Kidney Foundation to fund medical research, help kidney patients and promote organ donation/kidney disease prevention.
Study abroad and distance learning programs for English as a foreign language, teacher continuing education, conflict management, group leadership, holistic learning, the arts and personal/spiritual development.
Basement and crawlspace waterproofing, foundation repair and healthy air ventilation for clients in Detroit and Southeastern Michigan, USA. Free informative ebook and foundation inspection by a team of professional waterproofers.