Organic steak, beef jerky, natural bratwurst, summer sausage, bacon and dog food made from grass fed cows. No pesticides, steroids, hormones or antibiotics are used in the farming process.
Free newsletter, discussion forum and directory of manufacturers and suppliers of feed milling machinery, equipment, components and parts.
Unique hay feeder for all grazing animals, including goats, cattle and sheep designed to encourage natural eating habits that improve animal's respiratory system, slow down consumption time for better digestion, and reduce waste on hay and bedding.
Water boilers, tabletop, bottled and mains fed water coolers and home water dispensers, fixed price packages with free sanitisation and delivery along with installation, replacement of water filters and servicing for businesses and homes across the UK.
Bernedoodle and Goldendoodle puppies that are organic fed and raised with bio-sensory training method designed to improve cognitive and neurological development from a reputable dog breeder in Tennessee, USA.
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Search and bid for cattle - weaned calves, Heifer calves, feeder steers, Holsteins, feeder heifers, steer calves, breeding stock.
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Play games, chat, shop, and interact with other members, in addition to creating, feeding and taking care of a pet.
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Marketplace for agricultural related products and livestock. Buy or sell in consignment and VIP auctions: livestock, feed and farm equipment.
Video simulcast of Sunday's church services, as well as audio feeds of Brother's Steve's Gospel Hour and Bishop Blake's CyberTeaching Archive.
Country FM radio station in Canada with live feeds, sound bytes and daily reports and updates on your favorite country stars.