Classics of experimental literature, with an emphasis on surrealism, Dada, pataphysics and other 19th and 20th century avant-garde movements: Guillaume Apollinaire, Louis Aragon, John Cage, Giorgio de Chirico, Salvador Dalí, Franz Kafka and Lautréamont.
Uses current weight and fat percentage to generate 200+ meals that match exact nutrion needs, as well as an excersize plan. Options to create a diet plan based on the latest diet crazes are available as well.
Luxurious self contained beachfront 1 and 2 bedroom villa accommodations in Rarotonga, on the Pacific Cook Islands. Facilites include ensuite bathroom, dishwasher, private freshwater swimming pool, and complimentary bath robes.
Toronto based mobile oil change app that allows customers to pick a place, time and order service through a smartphone.
Information regarding changes in trademark news and events, interesting litigation and changes in trademark law which may affect business owners.
UnixDos Toolkit makes the full power of all the 64 main UNIX utilities available under Windows/MS-DOS Environment. StockTax processes thousands of Stock Trading and calculates the exact Profit/Loss. BSort sorts any binary data or text file.
New and classic titles for the scientific and computing areas. Special emphasis on the exact sciences including mathmematics, all areas of computer science and Internet, engineering, physics, and more.
Retractable awnings in Artistic Budget, Ellisse Cassette and Weinor Cassette styles. Awnings are custom made to exact specifications, with a choice of over 100 fabric patterns to choose from.
Full line of custom patterned covers to follow the exact contours of the vehicles; ready-fit covers, front end masks, tonneau covers, front windshield heat shields, seat protectors.
Vinyl banners available in black and white or color that are designed to a customers exact specifications. Suitable for indoor and outdoor trade shows, sports teams, parties or as a promotional ad.