General listening and academic quizzes with audio and interactive exercises. Long and short audio activities for beginners to advanced ESL (English as a second language) students to help improve listening skills.
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Jewish recipes, cookery, how-to's, regional and ethnic cuisine, newsgroups, gardening, diabetes support, food related books, software, videos and coupons.
Cyber brochure and business web design services using the latest technology and techniques to develop custom graphics, Flash, e-commerce and database driven sites. Web hosting includes backup and restore, email forwarding, FTP and access to raw log files.
Gaming peripherals including racing systems, gun systems, gamepads, arcade and flight sticks as well as accessories.
Microscopes, cleaning kits and accessories for educational, laboratory, and inspection applications, along with ketone test strips, ultra lab centrifuges, eyepiece cameras, spectrophotometers, fiber optic illuminators and other laboratory products.
Language lab with digital teacher software for listening, speaking, reading, writing, life skills, phonetics, soft skills, vocabulary, syllabus and basics of English grammar. Demos are available.
Clinical lab accreditation services and manuals, monthly newsletters, competency assessment, quality management and laboratory testing training courses for physicians, medical technologists and laboratory staff. Database of COLA-accredited clinical labs.
Men's and women's nursing scrubs, scrub tops, pants and jackets, lab coats, shirts, T-shirts and other medical uniforms and lab coats personalized with custom embroidery, hosiery, shoes, surgical caps, stethoscopes, scissors, forceps and measuring tools.
A meeting place for students and teachers of English, whether as a first or second language. Join the chat room or use the discussion boards. Recruiters may post vacancies for up to thirty days, with option of number of postings.
Grammar, proof reading, research reporting, copywriting, sales, ESL, and related courses. Instructor-led and interactive classes in many aspects of business communication. For individuals and corporations.
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