A collection of top-quality drum samples, recorded and processed by professionals, in wav or audio format. Demos, and sound manager programs for organizing drum samples are available as well.
Video drum lessons that teach paradiddles, right foot leading, flam triplets and many other techniques for beginners as well as advanced musicians.
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Hip hop drums, sounds, and loops, East, and West Coast rap beats, R&B and soul, mix hip hop, dirty south, and most popular beats, and producer kits. Demo samples and sound clips available.
Music quizzes, drum books, and a large selection of drum charts listed alphabetically as well as drumming videos sorted by song title.
Over 15,000 items sorted by categories including: accessories, apparel, cables, cases, cymbals, drum heads and drums. Education, electronics, hand and latin percussion, hardware, headphones, microphones and sticks.
Vintage drum sets, snare drums, cymbals, basses, toms, stands and pedals, along with accessories, parts, Puresound snare wires, and manufacturers' catalogs.
Instructional demonstrations of African percussion instruments, which includes the Kidi, Sogo and Atsimevu drums. Uses Quicktime.
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Vast selection of Djembe African drums, congas, cajon, bongos, and other percussion instruments in a variety of styles and brands, for students, youths, and professionals.
Event photo galleries, school programs, wedding and Christmas parties, team building sessions and corporate entertainment activities through drumming and rhythm throughout Australia.
Custom Djembe drums, Ashikos, Dunun, and West African styled percussion instruments including flutes, bells, and shakers, and accessories such as skins, rope, and straps and handles.