Whether contemplating divorce, or in a proceeding - Locate a legal professional by location, research all aspects of divorce law by state, and discuss issues with others in the forums. Download appropriate court document templates needed.
Toronto area divorce and family lawyers helping clients with child custody and access, child support, property division, spousal support, common law disputes, separation agreements and appeals.
Resources for residents in the UK who are contemplating a divorce. Discussion forums, newsletters filled with changes in the law and professional advice on all related topics.
Document preparation for uncontested and simplified divorces in Alaska, Colorado, Maryland, Illinois, Washington, Florida and other U.S. states. Includes all divorce papers, along with complete instructions on how to file the divorce.
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Fixed fee services for uncontested divorce in California, Florida, Georgia, Texas and Washington. Completed divorce papers and instructions needed to file the divorce are mailed to the customer after completing an Internet interview and questionnaire.
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Paralegal typing service that prepares annulments and divorces for residents of Nevada, or for those who were married in the state, as well as simplified worldwide divorce and annulment programs with no travel requirements.
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Free divorce mini-course subscription which outlines key issues, tips on child custody, and other related advice. A report giving practical advice on Canadian divorce law, and a newsletter with current developments in family law for Ontario, Canada.
Web-based divorce preparation service for residents of Washington State. Qualified clients can register, complete the interview, and print and file the divorce petition, which is accepted by Washington courts.
Polls, newsletters, and forums with information and advice for divorced parents facing the challenges of life after divorce including co-parenting, single parenting, discipline, remarriage and financial and emotional issues.
Mediation of child custody, co-parenting, divorce, financial agreements, child/spousal support issues, and other family conflicts and disputes for unmarried couples and divorcing families throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and South Florida.