Newsletters and magazines dealing with customer relationship management. Get the latest hot topics, news and trends as well as advice, interviews, and a rundown of the latest software applications.
Web accessible customer relationship management (CRM) provider that helps businesses increase customer loyalty by enabling consistent, personalized interaction via various platforms.
Cloud-based or on-premise CRM solutions for businesses that may include reporting, lead management, Outlook integration, mass e-mail, outbound call handling, advanced customization and other sales, marketing and customer service options. Free trial.
Custom vacations with personalized itineraries, flights, transfers, car rental, holiday accommodation and discounted travel packages to popular vacation destinations worldwide arranged by a team of personal travel specialists.
CRM email campaigns, Internet advertisements, and publisher-side ad management that enables both publisher sites and networks to maximize revenue from Internet advertising sales.
Find enterprise software solutions for small to large businesses. Categories include customer relationship management (CRM), back office, eBusiness and infrastructure.
A team of experienced consultants, graphic artists, programmers and designers providing web design, e-commerce applications, CRM and CMS software intergration, advertising campaigns and other development services.
Customer attraction, engagement and retention programs. Full marketing solutions including search engine promotion, interactivity tools, eNewsletters, CRM systems, loyalty programs, and Web site evaluations.
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Web hosted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for small to medium sized businesses. No training, setup fees or installation required. Free trial.
Customer relationship management (CRM) automation software packages designed for corporate marketing companies or sales departments. Various features include setup tables, summary reports, inventory management and linked tabs to sales contact history.