Market research company seeking consumers, business people and internet users to take part in research for product development and marketing. Participants are compensated monetarily for their time.
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Clients from Toronto, Ontario's Angus Lloyd Associates educational program may pay invoices for services rendered.
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Patient registration forms, audio cataract surgery explanation, newsletters and advice from the ophthalmology practice of Eye Care Associates in New Jersey.
Legal advice and representation for clients throughout western Pennsylvania, USA in the areas of workers compensation, personal injury and social security disability. Free initial consultation.
Associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs designed specifically for working adults, with campuses in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, and South Dakota.
Distance learning courses to assist in earning the associate's and bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Receive lessons and communicate with your instructor and other class members through a web-site based classroom.
A Masters program in 3 areas of emphasis, Bachelors and Associates programs in 6 majors, respectively, also 12 month diploma programs. The courses are centered on Business, Economics and Computer technology. Accredited by MSACS.
Eight Associate degrees, centered on Information Systems and Liberal Arts, plus over 50 courses dealing with Windows Desktop, Graphic Design, Internet Technology and Network Certifications. Also culinary arts and casino careers.
Associate and bachelor degrees in all registered areas of study. One-to-one learning with a faculty mentor by phone, mail, fax and/or email. Over 200 courses are available.
A national general underwriting facility specializing in a range of sports and student related risks coverage, including youth camps.