Chair, logo, outdoor and non-rectangular mats, floor grates, recycled tire mats, corrugated runners, and heated, clinic, rubber backed, kitchen, farm, cocoa, anti fatigue, playground, sports, daycare, forklift, tradeshow, and chemical resistant mats.
Standard and custom cut chair mats in assorted styles, shapes, materials and thicknesses, as well as carpet protectors, entrance mats, anti-static and anti-fatique mats, clear carpet runners, casters, and anti-slip traction pads.
Door mats for indoor and outdoor uses in a variety of colors and sizes, available with or without borders. Anti-creep sprays are available to keep the mats from sliding out of place.
Tailored rubber, and carpet car mats, mudflaps, paint protection film, boot mats and liners, and car covers searchable by car manufacturer and model.
Environmentally-friendly, waterproof, washable and stain resistant floor mats for kitchen, laundry, bathroom, garage and other areas of the home with anti-fatigue cushioning benefits designed to reduce discomfort and provide relief when standing.
Premium quality chipping, driving, hitting, and range golf practice mats in a variety of sizes. Periodic newsletter gives tips on golf swings, body movement, alignment, grip pressure, and swing rhythm.
Rubber mats and interlocking tiles suitable for use as anti-fatigue, kitchen, and entrance mats for floors in industrial work stations, commercial kitchens, entrance areas, garage flooring, and as floor mats for long periods of standing.
Entrance door mats, non-slip, electrical, grease proof and chemical mats, gym and playground mats, special purpose matting and other custom made commercial and safety matting and accessories personalized with company logo or safety message.
Traffic fending, speed bumps, industrial floor paint, cable cover, adhesive, tape, rubber anti-fatigue and anti-slip mats, logo mats and other floor coverings for stables, swimming pools, factories, gyms, kitchens, shower rooms, offices and outdoor use.