Confidential cunsumer credit and budget counseling at no cost or obligation. Helps with financial planning, budgeting, debt reduction, obtaining credit reports and avoiding bankruptcy.
A resource for educating students and recent graduates about loans and budgeting. Includes budget, loan repayment, grace period, and interest savings calculators, as well as a newsletter with financial tips and advice.
Credit counseling, debt consolidation and financial education to consumers across the USA by a non-profit credit counseling company. Free debt and budget evaluation, budgeting tools, money saving tips, financial resources, quizzes, videos and podcasts.
Special low budget prices on used and discontinued motors, speed controls, battery chargers, connectors and other items.
Home bookkeeping for budget control, and a universal program for creating tests that uses a question and answer format, for home use or for educational institutions.
Handford's department of energy presents streaming media of cleanup operations, budget briefing, the nuclear fuel project, town meetings, a documentary featuring the history of plutonium production, films by the fire crews and waste recovery processing.
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Provides assistance to home buyers that are willing to be educated on home ownership and on the responsibilities of living on a balanced budget. Grants can be used for downpayments and/or closing costs.
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Golfing equipment auctions for irons, woods, putters, left-handed & ladies items, gifts, memorabilia, golf balls, wedges, budget clubs, books and more.
Retractable awnings in Artistic Budget, Ellisse Cassette and Weinor Cassette styles. Awnings are custom made to exact specifications, with a choice of over 100 fabric patterns to choose from.