CHADD is a non-profit organization representing kids and adults with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. Members receive the newsletter and have access to scheduled chats, chat transcripts, several message boards and the store. Donations are welcome
Individual learning programs at centers across the USA assisting adults and students struggling with hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia and other types of learning disabilities. Free ebook and consultation with an expert.
Cognitive coaching for improved memory, thinking, processing, and attention, which aides in memory loss, attention deficit, slow processing or weak reasoning and organization. Locations throughout New York.
Join others from around the world for emotional and practical support through questions, concerns and family stories dealing with Fatty Oxidation Disorder (FOD). Resources, information and group registration also available.
A UK-based message board for sufferers of anorexia, bulimia and compulsive/binge eating disorders, and for those caring for or concerned about those who are affected.
A community of understanding people going through, or affiliated with someone who is going through, troubled relationships, suicide, depression, abuse, eating disorders, sickness, therapy, and self esteem issues.
Post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and anger management treatment, recovery and healing through whole-person, unpressured treatment, individual and group therapy. Treatment plans and insurance coverage information from A Place of Hope counselor.
Up-to-date information with what's going on in the world of Travel Specials. Offers professional services of an independent travel agent and personalized attention.
Mobile disco entertainment for weddings or parties. Boasts a large music collection and one-on-one personalized service. Guarantees the guest of honor to remain the focus of attention.
Speed reading software which enables the user to boost IQ, develop attention, increase reading speed up to 10 times, overcome bad reading habits, widen field of sight, reduce eye fixation time, and improve reading comprehension.