Authentic antique and estate jewelry as well as replicas of Victorian and Filigree rings, pins, brooches, men's jewelry, pendants and necklaces, marcasite rings, Georgian earrings, charms, cameos, birthstones and more.
A small collection of oil lamps and antique lighting products as well as replacement shades and parts, such as lamp and fixture sockets, shade holders, candle covers, Edison bulbs, oil lamp parts, oil burners and reproduction fixtures, and sconces.
Antique and vintage pocket watches, gold and silver wristwatches for men and ladies, carriage clocks, jewelry, straps and bands, diecast models and other collectibles and accessories from different eras and manufacturers.
Ranging from Art Nouveau, black memorabilia, antique boxes, decorations, silver, bronze and cake toppers to antique furniture, glass, jewelry, movie memorabilia, perfume bottles, Disneyana, ephemera and much more from as early as the sixteenth century.
Specifically for antique bottle collectors, diggers and traders with discussions focused upon digging, cleaning, displaying and photographing antique bottles.
Antique furniture, jewelry, art, sculptures, gift items, guns, crafts, silver coins, toys, games and other items.
Comprehensive collection of American, British, German, Japanese and Soviet military antiques. Selection includes photography, medals, weapons, ordnance, headgear, patches, vehicles, trench art, uniforms and flags.
Specialists in British antique, old and modern silver items, including: ashtrays, bowls, candlesticks, dishes, flatware, jewelry boxes, teapots and more.
Mid-century modern design furniture and accessories, vintage purses and antique dolls, as well as pottery, clocks, toys, and glassware.
Antique lighting fixtures, floor, ceiling and table lamps dating from the 1800s to the 1940s in the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Victorian styles. A large selection of glass and fabric shades: banquet lamp balls, oil and floor lamps, sconces, candle clips.