Subterranean plant root water reservoir system that provides direct underground year round hydration to the roots and root systems of plants without evaporation.
Pest control service for ants, mice, fleas, silverfish, birds, rats, spiders, carpenter ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, termites and wasps using traps and other treatment for both interior and exterior of homes and businesses in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.
Live, frozen and prepared foods, vitamins, disinfectants, health products, tanks and decors, heating and lighting equipment and related reptile supplies. Ant, triop and worm world habitats are also available.
Selection of stories, with titles such as: Grasshopper and the Ants and the Fox and Crow.
Browse by species to find aerosols, sprays, baits, gels, liquids, powders and traps for ants, roaches, fleas, moles, moths, snails and rats, as well as ladybugs, mosquitoes, beetles, hornets, wasps and other flying insects.
Learning products for kindergarten through third grade, aiming to be both educational and fun, for developmental language, math & science. Includes phonics & word building, letter tiles, cubes, counters, ant hill, resources and kits for teachers.
Hard body spoons, soft body lures, finesse plastics, slip droppers, nuclear powered ants, shrimpos, rastos, toadies, poppees, slimjigs, glow kits and other tackle supplies.
Commercial and residential pest control services with free inspections for termites, ants, fleas, spiders, ticks, mice, rats, cockroaches, silverfish, and other household pests.
Customized programs, control plans, maintenance and on-site inspection, eco-friendly pest control solutions and services to eliminate termites, bed bugs, rodents, ants, cockroaches and other pests for customers in the greater New York City area.
Lawn care services, roach, ant, spider, insect and termite control, attic treatments and inspections, and other eco-friendly pest control services for clients in Martin, St. Lucie and Indian River Counties, Florida, USA. Free inspection and evaluation.