New and used saddles of all types including, English, Western, big horn, show, roping, barrel racing and saddles for youth and children.
Items for cowboys and horsemen: custom-made, new and used saddles, chaps and chinks, small and medium saddle bags, assorted tack, straight and shaped spur straps and leather planners, phone cases and billfolds.
Sawbuck and pack saddles for burros, donkeys, mules and small horses, heavy duty leather and nylon straps, breast collars, cruppers, saddle bags, rifle scabbards, pack pads, camping stoves and other pack equipment and supplies.
Large saddle collection for all sizes from hard to fit horses to children and police. Also find horse and rider equipment, tack, chaps and boots, reins, bridles and more.
Western, Australian and Arabian saddles for youths and adults, western apparel, whips, leather chaps and horse tack.
Hand-crafted Kimberly and Syd Hill saddles with full line of tack: bags, bridles, blankets and pads, cruppers, girths, stirrup leathers and whips. Limited line of Aussie riding gear: oilskin jackets, coats and outback hats.
Dressage, excercise, military, and stock saddles in Barcoo, Randwick, and Syd Hill models. Tack includes: bits and bridles, boots, chaps and helmets, cloths and rugs, halters, saddle bags, and more. Several comprehensive saddle packages available.
English, western and Australian supplies for competitive horse owners, riders, breeders and trainers. Includes boots, saddle pads, halters, feed bags, saddles, waffle sheets, and more.
Trail riding and horse packing equipment, wall tents, saddlebags, rifle scabbards, saddle panniers, pack saddles, camping furniture, fire blankets, grills, utensils, rivets, chaps and apparel, and more.
English saddles and tack, riding apparel, horse care, health and grooming, and equestrian supplies such as blankets, saddle pads, girths, reins, halters and leads, bits, and leg protection. Along with related gifts, books, clothing, helmets, and DVDs.