Aerobatic flights and air combat adventure programs with expert instructors in Mesa, Arizona, USA along with inflight videos and complimentary gift certificates. Free videos discussing client's frequently asked questions, cockpit videos and photos.
Olympia, a large-scale strategic fantasy simulation. Build ships, castles towers, inns, siege engines, temples and mines. Slay monsters or enemies. The Age of Gods; based upon Olympia scenarios, and Arena, a game of role-playing and gladiator combat.
Roleplaying and 3D combat games where you create a character, build skills and learn spells with help from the game master, mentors and game hosts. Choose from DragonRealms, Hercules & Xena, GemStone, ModusOperandi and CyberStrike. Free trial.
Produces some well-known flight and space simulators (Comanche, Tachyon, F-16, F-22) as well as some action and combat games (Delta Force, Armored Fist). Buy the games, download demos, trailers, wallpapers
2D space combat game. Features real physics, 15+ defense and weapon systems for your ships, customizable ship shapes and maps, plus more.
Multi-user adventure where players enter various tombs, slay monsters, gain treasure and fight other adventurers in real time combat. Free trial allows characters to advance to level 8, then a one-time donation is required to progress to completion.
Text based war simulation that couples resource management and combat tactics. Uses an interactive map with infinite range and a resource/control panel to control all the action. Communicate with other players through forums, IRC and web chat
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Pants and jackets in different styles and sizes, as well as Vale Tudo togs, and branded T-shirts, sweatshirts, and shorts.
Combat labor pain during childbirth with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. Sends pulses along nerve fibers to prevent pain signals from reaching the brain, encourages the body to produce higher levels of endorphins. Rental available to UK only.
Stop smoking, lose weight or combat stress, bad habits, insomnia and pain with self-hypnosis audio tapes and CD's recorded by a leading hypnotherapist. All tapes are custom made to meet each individuals specific requirements.