Name brand air cleaner units from Austin Air, Bionaire, Friedrich, IQAir and Soleus Air that help reduce the occurrence of allergic reactions and asthma attacks in homes and businesses. Dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners are also available.
Commercial smoke removal systems, and residential and commercial Dynamic, Air Oasis, and Biozone air purifiers, cleaners, filters, and replacement lamps for the whole house or a single room.
Various models of air purifiers by Austin Air, IQair, Air-O-Swiss, Blueair, Friedrich and other manufacturers. Replacement filters available for current and discontinued models.
Full range of pleated, carbon, antimicrobial, attic A/C replacement, electrostatic and disposable filters for industrial and residential ventilation and air purification systems, as well as custom designed filters made to client's specifications.
Laboratory-tested single room, whole house, office, and commercial UV air purifiers designed to reduce mold, bacteria, viruses, cooking odors, pet odors, VOCs, and aeroallergens from the air.
Emergency service, maintenance plans, professional installation and repair of air conditioners, furnaces, water heaters and treatment systems, and other air conditioning, heating and plumbing services for clients in the Edmonton area, Alberta, Canada.
Air-inflated bicycle seats which aid in the prevention of soreness, prostate problems and other conditions.
HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) purifiers without UV and germicidal ultraviolet models, which help to eliminate allergy, asthma, sinus problems, second-hand tobacco smoke, mold spores and chemical irritations from the air.