Men and women historical and medieval costumes from different epoques, including velvet shirts, peasant's and knight's shirts, fencing and gothic shirts, capes, cotton and lambskin jackets, pants, peasant's dress, bodice dresses, blouses and more.
Brand promotion and advertising campaigns across print, TV and Internet platforms, reputation management, social media marketing, copywriting, editing, news positioning and press release distribution by a public relations agency based in Florida, USA.
Press conferences, crisis management and media relations, content writing, website and language translation, website development, social media optimization and digital marketing services by a public relations (PR) agency in Delhi, India.
Dedicated to the visual arts. Search or browse through a large variety of subjects like decorative arts, design, music and performing arts: Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonne, Elliott Erwitt Snaps, Gandi and more.
An ecclectic catalog of literary, scientific, historical and theological works that 'shed light' on ultimate questions in these fields. Subject categories on spirituality, theology, patristic, church history, philosophy, modern world, science, and God.
Titles for professionals in psychology, academic and cultural studies. Psychoanalysis, psychology, neuroscience, history, interdisciplinary studies, medical psychiatry, self help, sociology, education, biography, body, mind and spirit.
Fiction and non-fiction from the South-Western USA and Mexico. Large variety of subjects: biography, Chicano literature, cultural studies, folklore, Hispanic studies, true crime, Native American studies, philosphy, children's and counterculture.
Interculturality books, simulations, and other training materials: education, guides to countries and cultures, U.S. Culture and Diversity, traveling across cultures, diversity games, etc.