Australian dating site and community for adult singles, swingers and couples looking for friendship, flings and fun. Member's dating blogs, video chat rooms, adult personals, photo contests and free two months full membership.
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Separate chatrooms for adults, teens, college students, singles and general chat for everyone.
A wide variety of games for fun and learning, categories are Preschool, Primary, Fun for All Ages and Older Kids & Adults. Find Fun with Trains, Holiday Light Show and Build a Circus. With stories and guides for parents and teachers.
Mixture of Japanese anime films, adult hentai anime and a variety of toys and trading cards.
Caters to African American singles as well as Haitian, Jamaican, and Interracial singles looking for dating and romance. Membership gives the user access to video profiles, chat, advice column, and photo gallery.
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Membership access to private groups, exclusive webinars and professional development resources, workshops, events, publications and consulting services for adult students, educational institutions, employers and public organizations across the USA.
Long-term residential recovery program with spiritual, emotional, physical, social and educational training for female adults and teens with substance abuse addiction.
Substance abuse addiction recovery programs at a number of rehab centers throughout the South Eastern USA helping adults and teenagers recover and rehabilitate from drug or alcohol addiction.
Faith-based counseling for adult females in need of rehabilitation from drug or alcohol addiction. Applicant must be willing to invest time and effort at the residential home in Columbus, Georgia. Also provides group, couples and individual therapy.
Search for events and activities including parties, fund raisers, dining and wine tasting groups, sports leagues and charity events by state. Search the singles database and find places to make friends or find a date.