A searchable database of words in the English language, each with a definition and pronunciation, as well as a list of related words.
Database which contains classical and contemporary medical terms, including definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, symbols, eponyms, mnemonics of medical conditions, anatomical structures, procedures and drug mechanisms, with updates on a regular basis.
A German-English dictionary with thousands of translations that include examples, hints, explanations, synonyms, sayings and quotations as well as pronunciations spoken by native speakers.
International cuisine and cooking art series, along with a collection of language and international interest books, bilingual love poetry, proverbs, dictionaries, Polish interest books, travel and militaria.
Extensive selection of educational and ESL (English as a Second Language) books: English science, English & Spanish social studies, language dictionaries, vocabulary, idioms, writing, grammar and teacher resources.
Language-learning material, grammar, textbooks, dictionaries & phrase books for over 500 languages/dialects, as well as fiction, nonfiction including psychology, sociology, biography, philosophy, and children's books in a variety of languages.
Russian dictionaries, encyclopedias, periodicals, biographies/memoir, music scores, social sciences, art & architecture albums and other Russian language and culture related books.
English/German to Czech words dictionary and viceversa.
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