Label printing and design software and true Windows drivers for thermal printers. OmniBar, a memory-resident software driver for adding bar code capability to other programs including: word processors, spreadsheets and databases.
Well-appointed rooms with complimentary in-house videos, air-conditioning, refrigerator, and daily service. Offering a choice of Bay Rooms, Reef Rooms, and two bedroom apartments.
Optical design database software for solving engineering, design and imaging problems, suitable for professionals, students and educators. Scientific astrocamera, accessory holder, eyepiece projection adapter, lens board and film are also available.
Scientific mass flow, liquid flow, and pressure instrumentation, measurement and control devices and accessories.
Combines a scientific calculator with a programmer's calculator. It has numeric stack, and a binary mode that supports decimal, hexadecimal, octal, and binary arithmetic instructions.
Placement in Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Information Technology, Scientific and other success areas.
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Search and apply for hundreds of positions targeted primarily to IT, engineering, health care, scientific, legal and manufacturing related professionals. Resume posting available.
Discover how many seconds old you are, the difference between a gallon in the USA and a gallon in the UK, how many nanometers in an inch, how many quarts in a chaldron and more. Handy scientific calculator is also available.
Features include: reverse polish notation, 14-digit accuracy, fixed point, scientific, engineering, hexadecimal, octal and binary number formats and more.
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Data acquisition tips and tutorials, new product releases, URLs of engineering, scientific and technology resources, and more. Monitor subscribers can download the standard Windmill 4.3 software suite free of charge.