Garrett, Bounty Hunter, and underwater metal detectors, headphones, carry bags, coil covers, recovery tools, replacement parts and other accessories for novice, advanced and professional treasure hunters.
Compadre, Silver, Golden, Sand Shark, Tiger Shark, SuperTRAQ relic, coin, gold and underwater metal detectors and accessories (scoops, diggers, headphones, coils).
Beach, gold, coin, jewelry, underwater, and security metal detectors, pinpointers, carry bags and cases, recovery tools, coil covers, and land and submersible headphones.
Metal detectors, security metal detectors as well as accessories: coils, headphones, detector bags, cases pouches, aprons, recovery tools.
Single zone, multi-zone walk through security metal detectors and hand held security metal detectors.
Motion activated, remote and surveillance cameras, listening devices, GPS tracking systems, weapon/metal detectors, pepper spray, counterfeit detector pens, lock picking tools, bomb detectors and other items for personal or professional use.
Equipment for video surveillance, access control, fire and intrusion detection, and GPS vehicle tracking including network, dome, weatherproof, fixed, pan-tilt-zoom and hidden cameras, as well as monitors, metal detectors, video servers and more.
Listening devices, pepper sprays, taser, and stun guns, covert surveillance systems, personal alarms, metal detectors, door and window alarms, animal repellents and law enforcement equipment such as handcuffs, batons, and holsters.
Animal deterrents, pepper sprays, stun guns, security and surveillance systems, diversion safes, motion and vibration activated alarms, external sirens, wireless door bells, handheld metal detectors, car alarms, and emergency and safety lights.
Car and motorcycle laser and radar detectors and scramblers, earphones, visor clips, windshield mount kits, wires and coiled cords, alcohol breath detectors, sprays, covers and lenses designed to protect license plates from photo-radar cameras.