Local, national and international news and talk shows, including: BBC Newshour, Fresh Air, Talk of the Nation, Marketplace and The World. Topics range from up to the minute political and current affairs to life on other planets and science.
Authorized retailer of XM satellite radio products including complete car, home and commercial systems, radio receivers, portable boomboxes, antennas and extensions, FM modulators, mounting brackets and other accessories.
Christian radio broadcasting 24 hours a day.
Independent public station in Grand Rapids, Michigan playing a mix of Folk, Jazz, Rock, Blues and Worldbeat music.
Streaming or downloadable archived programs on many different topics, such as the the latest news, school discussions, health talk and other issues from WHMI radio in Howell, Michigan.
Located in:
Classical music by Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
From southeastern Michigan, playing jazz and blues, with local news and special programmes that are produced both locally and nationally. Shows include: Morning Edition, Fresh Air, Piano Jazz and On the Mellow Side.
Michigan State University's public station with classical music as well as programming of local interest.
Michigan Tech's station run by students featuring a mix of World, Emo, metal, Alternative, Indie Rock and Metal music.
Rock and Roll station in Detroit, Michigan featuring bands such as Ozzy, Korn, Marilyn Manson, Cheville and Pearl Jam.