Mentoring program provides young people from underserved communities the chance to explore career options and literacy training, with a caring adult. Donations help fund the program.
Job search, career choices, resume writing, and career building resources, tips, strategies, and check list.
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Mentor-based courses aimed at people interested in becoming electronic content authoring professionals. Course titles include: professional technical and business writing, XML authoring and graphic design for information designers.
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Roleplaying and 3D combat games where you create a character, build skills and learn spells with help from the game master, mentors and game hosts. Choose from DragonRealms, Hercules & Xena, GemStone, ModusOperandi and CyberStrike. Free trial.
A network composed of a group of peer mentors that have the desire to reach out and connect with others. Teens are encouraged to speak out using the "Get Help" form, or through support groups and communication.
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Professional tax jobs in all fields including US corporate, foreign local, individual and estate specialties. Salary comparison, resume manager, mentor program and career forums are available as well.
Membership provides professionals and managers with the opportunity to chat in real-time with experienced mentors and industry leaders via the Internet to help solve work related issues.
Virtual Black community that connects African American entrepreneurs, professionals and consumers. Free and premium membership access to discussion forum, newsletter, directory of e-commerce Black-owned businesses, advice and mentoring program.
Virtual mentoring program which aims to accelerate career and life success. Members receive weekly audio transcripts, newsletters, monthly conference calls, and email bulletins with tips and tools for self-motivation, productivity and personal marketing.
Yearly subscriptions to MCSE, Web Design, CompTIA, Microsoft Office, Access, 401 K, Business Math, PMP training and other courses that are accessible from any computer, 24 hours a day. A live mentor is available for questions and clarification.